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+91 9601 1919 09 support@chestnut.co.in


Because we belive in customer satisfaction as when you decide to have website

Why to guarantee website?

Because we believe in customer satisfaction as when you decide to have website, you always think what’s the guarantee of the work and it will function as decided or desired. The adverse truth is that what you merit doesn’t always pertain passes and we keep hearing stories about web site projects that have ended in tragedy/disaster.

What do we guarantee?

Every bit of code is guaranteed we undertook.

We believe that your felicity and satisfaction comes from having a website that does exactly what we told you it will do. This is why we clearly document everything in plain English so that there is no room for miscommunication. If you think you don’t have clear understanding of any point, please ask for the clarification – we will be pleased to answer your query until you get 100% confidence on what you’re going to get.

So What’s the deal?

From 7 to 90 days free support

Documented changes in the Project Definition or Amendment Document will only be considered in under this guarantee , things which are not written will not be considered breach of this guarantee.

In very simple words , we will build your website exactly how we say we will, or we will fix it for free, if we can’t get it done exactly or any substitute then, simply return the website and we’ll return your funds.

This guarantee is not applicable if you come up with things apart from what we originally agreed upon, but that’s just common sensible.

Chestnut Softech will be the sole arbitrator in determining what fails to meet to the Project Definition.

Guarantee means whatever is decided on written communication and then documented upon acceptance of the document of both the parties.